Jul 272015

I never saw myself getting in to “meals on wheels” – at least not for another couple of decades – but this is a funky way to start the day on those occasions you just can’t be bothered to make breakfast and need a proper pick-me-up. Pyjama Breakfast are a unique company offering breakfast delivered straight to your door in Chiswick. They are certainly worth a try!

First up, the “New Yorker”. American Pancakes. It’s a decent portion and who doesn’t love the combination of bacon, maple syrup, and blueberries? It was certainly enjoyable although there’s a small part of me that says there’s no beating making them yourself on a stove and eating them straight away. I’m a hard nut to crack. As such you can’t compare this with pancakes that are 30 minutes out of the kitchen. That said, not having to contend with the washing up of batter bowls this is a pretty decent option for those lazy days.


Onto the “Londoner”. As a born-and-bred Londoner myself I can attest to the importance of egg and muffin. Or as our ‘mercain cousins call it, the “English muffin”. The food arrived hot and the eggs weren’t overdone which in my book makes for a successful egg muffin. It’s basic but I imagine these things are not easy to execute when you are sending them out on a delivery run! Bacon and cheese a welcome addition here.


We also had “Frenchie” which is French toast, vanilla and cinnamon, topped with fresh fruits and maple syrup, plus a granola pot with fresh fruit. If I’m being totally honest the French toast and bananas didn’t fare so well on the journey to us but the granola was pretty sweet.

Finally the smoothies. On this occasion I had the Energy Boost but have previously sampled other options on the menu and they are fresh and tasty.

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