Mar 112014
Vinoteca Chiswick
Dining Experience
Damage to wallet
Warm Glow Upon Leaving
The Good: A choice of nearly 300 wines to choose from, with staff who know their grapes
The Bad: Tables in the dining area can be a little "too" cosy
Number of Visits: 6

I’m no stranger to Vinoteca having enjoyed many visits to the Soho and Marylebone wine bars. Word got out mid 2013 that Vinoteca had plans to move further out West to the superior side of London, and many local wine fanatics (yours truly included!) seemed rather enthusiastic.

Upon entering Vinoteca you are presented with what looks like a restaurant, which seats approximately 45 diners, and the further back you go the more exciting it gets. High stalls, a treasure trove of wines on shelves, and an open kitchen / bar area where you can get very close to the cooking and serving action.

The central tenet to Vinoteca’s existence is that good quality wines can be transported and stored in a box. This allows for almost 20 different wines to be served by the glass on a rotating basis, not to mention a very acceptable price for the quality of wine.

Rather than contrive a review about the different wines here which regularly change, I highly recommend you get down to Vinoteca and sample a few different glasses yourself. Although usually found propped-up by the bar, on this occasion I popped in to trial their menu in the restaurant.

To start the seasonal selection, Liver, sage, and bacon with puy lentils and wilted greens:

Puy lentils, chicken liver, sage, wilted greens

Another gorgeous starter if a little lighter than expected, the Dexter beef fillet, parmesan and lemon:

Dexter Beef, Rocket, and Parmesan Shavings

The whole roast teal with celeriac puree and bacon:

Whole Roast Teal with Celeriac Puree and Bacon

Light, fresh, and beautifully cooked, the Weymouth Plaice, anchovy, marjoram, crushed potatoes and purslane:

Weymouth Plaice, anchovy, marjoram, crushed potatoes & purslane

Pistachio and apple tart. Delicious:

Pistachio and apple tart

Finally onto the pudding served to me. Here is the Hazelnut and salted caramel semifreddo. I have to admit, say the words “salted caramel” to me, and I’m completely yours; there was no question I would be ordering this pudding. Sadly, on the basis of taste alone (for the presentation was lovely) this was the one time I had food envy for the above pistachio and apple tart. The semifreddo tasted more like a poor-man’s Vienetta – and that’s saying something! No hard feelings for the salted caramel debacle, the rest of the meal was absolutely gorgeous and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the restaurant.

Hazelnut and salted caramel semifreddo



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