Oct 012011
Dining Experience
Damage to wallet
Warm Glow Upon Leaving
The Good: Friendly service, classy interior, quality steak
The Bad: None come to mind...
Number of Visits: 3

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The Cabin treads that fine line between classy and friendly very well. The interior has a warmth and cosiness about it, but the tables are well-spaced enough which makes a perfect place to dine for two as well as larger groups (up to, say, six).

Summer evenings – or mid-Autumn heatwave evenings as we’ve seen this year – they open the front and so the restaurant never gets stuffy. Seating outside is also very pleasant indeed (as pleasant as sitting on Chiswick High Road can be).

Although I’ve only dined here a few times so far, the service has been consistently brilliant; polite, authoritative, and swift. My last visit we sat outside and worried we might be forgotten as we were the only people sat outside, but waiting staff were very attentive.

Prices are reasonable given the location and the quality of food and service.

Cocktails were decent if not fabulous, the Dark ‘n’ Stormy had a touch too much ginger beer and was a little flat, but I’m being very picky. The cocktails we had were on the whole very good.

The baked camembert comes highly recommended as a starter for two. The walnut and raisin bread is toasted to perfection and the spiced plum chutney is a nice twist on the cranberry or redcurrant that is usually served with melty camembert. Delicious. And gorgeous presentation, too.

The Cabin isn’t just a steak house, with dishes like pan-fried blackened salmon fillet, char-grilled whole sea bass, and lemon-glazed roast half chicken, as well as the mouth-watering vegetarian dishes parmigiana and roasted butternut squash salad with quinoa, feta, spinach, green beans and pomegranate dressing, The Cabin is clearly aiming to cater for all foodie tastes. From that list I have only tried the sea bass and the blackened salmon fillet, and they were both great.

Pictured below is the 12oz Scottish Rump Steak.

The dish had a classic presentation with tomato and shallot. I’d probably give the frites we had on our last visit a 6 out of 10; sadly they were a little chewy rather than crisp on the outside and flaky and perfect on the inside.

Naturally a rump is a little fatty, although this was that little bit too fatty for my liking for £17.90.

The 12oz sirloin steak at £20.50 was far better. I think we are paying a little bit for other things like the service here – the steak was good but the price point for the sirloin dish should really have been around £15-18. That said, I’m not in the restaurant business so I can’t really talk, and one mustn’t quibble over mere pounds …

I give you – the sirloin.

My last visit was a meal for two including a cocktail each, sparkling water, a shared baked camembert starter, and a steak each, and the bill came to £75 including the discretionary service charge.

I’d love to visit here a couple of times a month if not more, but it’s perhaps a little pricey for such regular visits. That said, when you know you need steak, and you’ve company you need to entertain, it’s a reliably great restaurant to visit.

So I’ll be back – and soon!

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