Sep 152011
Dining Experience
Damage to wallet
Warm Glow Upon Leaving
The Good: Sushi made fresh to order. Great plum wine.
The Bad: Closes too early (10pm) and shut on Mondays
Number of Visits: 4

Although I’ve only given this 7/10 for ‘dining experience’, that rating is precisely what I want from a local sushi bar. I don’t want bells / whistles / gimmicks, I don’t want silver service, and I definitely don’t want any emphasis on interior design.

What do I want? Aside from raw fish, of course – a chef who prepares the food in front of you, a decent menu, and an agreeable atmosphere to chat. I’m easy to please.

Well, that pretty much sums up Makoto Sushi Bar, which is a small but lovely little sushi bar on Devonshire Road.

I’ve tried a good number of sushi joints in London, from the truly excellent Pham Sushi on Whitecross Street (Barbican area) – the sushi restaurant by which others are judged – to the tacky Yo! chain types dotted all around the place (and which I must say I make it policy never to visit any more). Makoto is definitely more humble than, for example, Hammersmith’s favourite sushi bar, Menato; the interior isn’t quite as cool, and the presentation of the food is a notch below, but I think the taste and freshness of the sushi is definitely comparable.

They use the plastic grass for effect…

The sushi bar has high stools and you are up quite close and personal to the sushi chef…

Personally I love the sushi plates. It’s just the right amount for a dinner for one.

Pictured below is the “Tokuyjo” set which is £13.50. Actually I think that’s quite pricey for the amount of sushi you get, but I don’t really mind paying that considering it’s freshly prepared, and filling to boot.

Also pictured here is the plum wine, £5. Again, a lot for a beaker of wine, but again it’s quite a treat. A really interesting taste if you haven’t had it before.

The sushi bar itself…

Fresh fish on display at the counter…

The salmon avocado hand roll is £5, but absolutely delicious.

I’m not sure if Makoto is named after the owner, but here’s the Kanji / Kana on display in a frame…

Gladly, an assortment of kawaii cats, too…

Makoto do take-out. I can’t quite work out if the take-out menu is the same as the dine-in menu. The sushi sets have the same names and prices, but I think what you get is slightly different.

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